The essay “Inzy Lets Things Flow Over Him” is written by the sports journalist Kadambari Murali and was published in Hindustan Times, 27 March 2004. Kadambari Murali has worked for various media agencies like The Indian Express and The Wall Street Journal and has a profound knowledge about the sports world. The extract itself is a biography of Pakistan’s iconic cricket team captain Inzamam-Ul-Haq and is based on the interaction between Kadambari Murali and Inzamam’s childhood friend, Ghulam Mujtaba.

Inzy Lets Things Flow Over Him Summary:

The story starts with an important note to remember that it focuses mainly on the friendship between two friends, which are obviously Inzamam and Mujtaba that lasted for twenty years despite having vast differences in distance, status, and Money.

As the Indian cricket team was supposed to arrive in Multan, special preparations were being done for the team in the hotel where Mujtaba was working as a barber. Here the priority is given to the Indian team instead of Pakistan cricket team which shows that the hotel does not want to leave any scope for a mistake in their hospitality. Mujtaba was searching for a right place in the hotel for hanging young Inzamam’s large laughing photograph. He has a banner written in English to welcome Inzamam which he gets inspected from the author for a grammar check. “People could never talk of one without mentioning the other,” this is what people say about Inzamam’s and Mujtaba’s friendship. Rest follows the story of their childhood memories as described by the author:

Inzamam’s Father Being A Spiritual Leader Whereas Mujtaba’s Just A Barber

Inzy Lets Things Flow Over Him Summary - Kadambari Murali and Inzamam-Ul-Haq
Right: Kadambari Murali, Left: Inzamam-Ul-Haq Source1/Source2

Inzy Lets Things Flow Over Him Summary: Mujtaba met Inzamam first time at his father’s barber shop where his elder brother Intezaar introduced Inzamam to him. Since then they became very good friends. They were so close that Inzamam only used to either at his sister’s house or at Mujtaba’s place. Together they used to chat all night and don’t sleep. Inzamam used to make omelets whereas Mujtaba prepared the rotis which they both used to eat whole night.

After chatting and eating, they both used to go straight for the first namaz of the day and sometimes reached even before Inzamam’s father. Inzamam’s father, Pir Intizam-Ul-Haq was a very big spiritual leader in the city which shows that he was apparently respected more than Mujtaba’s father.

Inzamam’s Cricket Journey

Inzy Lets Things Flow Over Him Summary: After being selected by Imran Khan at old Multan Stadium, Inzamam was asked to join the Lahore club which he did and created a heartbreak for Mujtaba. Mujtaba knew it was the best thing for him. Therefore, he bore it. Mujtaba even remembers an incident where Inzamam had to play a match straight after being discharged from a hospital as he was suffering from food poisoning. Inzamam played that match very well and won a WorldCup for his country.

Inzamam is not ashamed of calling a barber his friend despite whatever people say whereas Mujtaba does think that he is a little outcasted and do not fit in Inzamam’s life. He does not have any feeling of jealousy for his friend and is always proud of and motivated by Inzamam’s  achievements. When whole Multan came to meet Inzamam at the airport after his WorldCup win, Mujtaba was the one who didn’t visit him because of the same outcast feeling. Inzamam still stopped his motorcade outside of Mujtaba’s shop and then they both stayed together rest of the way.


Inzy Lets Things Flow Over Him Summary: Mujtaba thinks that fame hasn’t changed Inzamam that much. Only during the match-fixing phase, responsibilities of a captain and other problems made him assert a little more. According to Mujtaba, Inzamam still does not have anything to say about anyone, and this is the best and worst thing about him that he lets things flow over him. The essay’s title “Inzy Lets Things Flow Over Him” refers to Inzamam’s this tendency only.

In the ending of the story, the time has passed, and both the friends have breakfast together, Inzamam leaves for his practice whereas Mujtaba is used to take both Inzamam’s wife and son together back home. Inzamam’s son’s name is Ehtesham, who, according to Mujtaba has a wonderful dream, i.e. becoming an iconic cricketer just like his father.

Inzy Lets Things Flow Over Him Summary: Question and Answers

Q: Who does the article tell us more about, Inzamam or Mujtaba? Who are you more interested in? Why?

A: The article “Inzy Lets Things Flow Over Him” written by sports journalist Kadambari Murali focuses more on Inzamam-Ul-Haq, who became an iconic sports star in Pakistan. Inzamam has a tendency to let things flow over him and an incredible cricket journey which makes him more interesting than Ghulam Mujtaba, his childhood friend. Although Mujtaba is the one who is lighting us about Inzamam’s life, but the author’s aim is also to gather information about Inzamam and his friendship with Mujtaba. Therefore, in terms of their friendship, both Inzamam and Mujtaba are equally interesting.

Q:  Make a list of qualities (like the one given above) that you think could be used to described Mujtaba, based on information suggestion given in the article. Do you find that some qualities are contradictory? How can you re-correct them?

A: In Kadambari Murali’s story “Inzy Lets Things Flow Over Him” published in The Hindustan Times, 2004, Ghulam Mujtaba is the main protagonist who is actually a barber’s son but a good friend of Inzamam-Ul-Haq, who is the son of country’s great spiritual leader. They both used to cook rotis and omelets together and talk all night instead of  sleeping. They used to reach the mosque even before Inzamam’s father and surprise him. Mujtaba, just like his father becomes a barber but Inzamam goes on to become Pakistan cricket team’s captain and wins a WorldCup for his country. Mujtaba is proud of Inzamam’s achievements but at the same time, this has made a great difference in status, money and distance, which I think is actually contradictory.

At the beginning of the story, it is mentioned that Mujtaba is a tradition in Multan himself and “people could not talk of one without mentioning the other” which means Mujtaba is also equally respected as Inzamam. Moreover, Inzamam taking him in his motorcade and they both waving together to the passerby also refers that Mujtaba was equally accepted as Inzamam and shared the same status.

Q: (i) Is this article easy to understand or difficult? Why?(ii) What is it about? Arrive at a summary of the article in about 8-10 sentences.

A: This article is easy to understand as it is written in a conversational tone. Kadambari Murali’s this story is about Inzamam-Ul-Haq and his friendship with a barber’s son, Ghulam Mujtaba. Although the story is set from Mujtaba’s perspective, its focus is to gather information about Inzamam. They both met first at Mujtaba’s father’s shop and since then, are good friends. Inzamam only used to visit either his sister’s house or Mujtaba’s house, when stayed together, they both used to talk and eat rotis and omelettes all night and visit mosque early in the morning. Later when Inzamam becomes a cricketer and wins a WorldCup for his country, Mujtaba is not jealous of him and is proud of his achievements. The WorldCup match was the match that Inzamam played right after being discharged from the hospital, for which, whole Multan also came to meet him at the airport except Mujtaba. Inzamam still went to his shop and met him which proves that Mujtaba’s occupation means nothing for him, which is also the best and worst thing about him that he lets things flow over him. According to Mujtaba, Inzamam never used to insert himself and only changed a bit during the match-fixing phase and while holding the responsibilities of captaincy. Later, Inzamam is shown married and has a son who also wants to become a cricketer just like him.

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