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Inzy Lets Things Flow Over Him Summary

The essay "Inzy Lets Things Flow Over Him" is written by the sports journalist Kadambari Murali and was published in Hindustan Times, 27 March 2004. Kadambari Murali has worked for various media agencies like The Indian Express and The Wall... Continue Reading →

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Haroun And The Sea Of Stories Essay Summary

Haroun And The Sea Of Stories is an extract taken from the novel of the same name written by Salman Rushdie, a popular British Indian novelist. Due to his novel The Satanic Verses, a fatwa was released against him with... Continue Reading →

Sisters Saleem Peeradina Summary

Sisters is a poem written by Saleem Peeradina and published in Household Fires, Oxford Anthology of Modern Indian Poetry, Oxford University, New Delhi, 1994. Saleem Peeradina is one of the most famous Indian poets and has written several books and... Continue Reading →

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